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CitiSculpt Video: A Brighter Future For Brooklyn Village


The redevelopment of Brooklyn Village will be an immense task due to its complexity on multiple levels. Success will require more than desire, optimism and a superficial connection to Charlotte. It will require a combination of proven experience, financial capacity, realistic expectations, and decades of actual ties to our community. Grand concepts mean nothing if the selected development group does not have the capability to deliver and restore a part of Charlotte's soul.

Watch this video describing the capabilities and commitment of our team to reshaping the future of Brooklyn Village.

Among the remaining development groups considered by Mecklenburg Country for Brooklyn Village redevelopment, the CitiSculpt, Akridge, Jefferson Apartment Group Team brings an unmatched level of experience, both with similar developments across the country, as well as this specific, historic area of Charlotte. We offer hundreds of years of combined experience developing properties of this scale and have collectively been involved with the Brooklyn site for more than 100 years.

Beyond the financial commitments, we are invested in this project on an emotional level as well, having relationships with people and ancestors of people who actually lived and worked in Brooklyn Village. It is imperative that this project is a success, for the vitality of Charlotte’s future, and the recognition of its’ past.

Strengths Of The CitiSculpt, Akridge, Jefferson Apartment Group Team

Proven Leadership
The redevelopment of Brooklyn Village and Second Ward presents numerous challenges in terms of financing, engineering, design, management and community sensitivity. The CitiSculpt, Akridge, Jefferson Apartment Group Team offers the most combined years of experience among the remaining teams and has completed multiple projects of $100 million or more around the country. The local and national team members have project managers and relationships that will make this development possible. We can deliver on every aspect of our proposal.

Ties To History
Members of our team have been involved with planning and proposed development of this land for decades. Team members from Bergmann Associates (formerly Gannt Guberman Architects) participated in and led the 2020 plan. Members of our team were also intimately involved with the Second Ward vision plan. This connection not only provides rare insight necessary for success, but also a distinct passion for ensuring this redevelopment of Second Ward is successful on every level.

Knowledge Of Infrastructure Complexities
Our team as experience and insight regarding all road network and electrical, sewer, water infrastructure involved with this site. This unique knowledge allows us to present the most realistic assessment of the financial investment required for development. We are confident that our plan has taken this complex infrastructure into account.

Financial Capacity
The CitiSculpt, Akridge, Jefferson Apartment Group Team is the only one among the three proposals that has raised more than $10 billion in equity. We have relationships and a proven financial track record.

A True Reverence For The Past
Brooklyn Village is an essential part of Charlotte’s African American heritage. This area, which was once a vibrant community, should be recognized for it’s past contribution to the culture of our city. Our local team members understand the importance of Second Ward’s history and do not take lightly the immense responsibility of connecting the past with a successful new development.

A Commitment to Charlotte’s Future
In addition to honoring the past, it is vital that this development succeeds in becoming a centerpiece for Charlotte with it’s own character and sense of place. This will require input from the community on final designs for the project. This development should also become a productive source of revenue for the city and county, with thriving businesses. The CitiSculpt, Akridge, Jefferson Apartment Group Team will make the new Brooklyn into a destination where visitors want to go and residents want to live.

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